Here’s what I did, when I found my computer hard disk displaying RED…

Here’s what I did, when I found my computer hard disk displaying RED…

One faithful day, in the course of carrying out my daily routine in my work, I noticed that each time I tried to export my project, my PC trips off.

At first I thought it was just a mishap, then I switched it on again (Thank goodness I always save my projects). So I opened the project and tried exporting it, again the same thing transpired.

I was beginning to wonder, why the sudden malfunctioning.

Then I turned it on the third time, this time around I watched closely to see if I could find the fault. So, I opened the application, and opened the project, and started the exporting process (It was an audio file).

As the export process began, I was staring at the screen, watching to see if the same thing would occur again. I watched closely, with my eyeballs glued to the progress bar.

The progress bar ran up to 67{72d500dfe2774fcbcfd59cac72bc3d882568fb11ab9ca3110dbad07232b100ac} and the computer tripped off again. Now I thought to myself, this PC has developed some faults.

As you’d think, I should have just opened my hard disk and checked it to see if the problem is coming from there. But, no sir/ma, my mind was engulfed in that project I needed to get out that the idea of hard disk didn’t cross my mind at that moment.

Here was the silly approach I took to get the full audio track out in full.  

Since the progress bar got up to 67{72d500dfe2774fcbcfd59cac72bc3d882568fb11ab9ca3110dbad07232b100ac}, I thought that, if I selected half of the project and export, my PC would manage to bring that out. And I’d do same to the remaining half.

So, I did that, and exported twice, and it worked. Wow!

Now I have two audio files I need to merge into one, since it’s a single project. 

Next I did was, open a new project, imported the two audio files, aligned them. And I… exported. This time around, it completed successfully without my PC tripping off. 

So, I thought maybe the issue isn’t there anymore, and I tried exporting the main project (full project) again, and… same thing occurred.

It was at this moment I remembered to check my hard disk. I quickly opened it and discovered that my Drive C: was displaying danger red.

Oops! “This PC may crash now if I don’t do something about this” I thought to myself.

I normally partition my hard disk in my PC, just to allow one to serve for program installation and running, while the other for file storage.

Just like most people would do, in the course of time, when my phones memory gets filled up, I transfer the files on it to my personal computer.

It had gone to two years after buying my laptop computer, and I had not formated it. So, all I was doing was just:

  • Downloading
  • Receiving
  • Generating 
  • Creating new files

You see, this is mostly what happens in our lives as humans.

We receive data (information) all the time. From home, schools,our work place, at social gatherings, from our peers, from television, social media, movies, name them…

We keep:

  • Downloading information from these sources.
  •   Receiving advises from people on a daily bases from these sources
  •   Generating: Then our minds starts speculating and generating belief systems (both negative & positive) from these information sources. And as we do, we’re now…
  •   Creating new lifestyles, and forming new habits unconsciously without evening knowing it. Some of them may be helpful, while others destructive.

We now have a lot of information in our lives, that sums up who we are as individuals, which is called – personality. There’s no other explanation to personality than what you just read.

It is the measure of the fullness of your mental and subconscious deposits that determines how far you’ll achieve in any area of your life.

It will determine your gross mental attitude and thus output.

Just like your computer, your life is supposed to have superb functioning programs that produce good works, that men would see and marvel and thus give glory to God.

But because of all the unfiltered data stored in our memories from the collective experiences we’ve gathered since childhood, it is now difficult for us to produce certain results in our lives.

No wonder Solomon said, “guard your hearth with all vigilance, for everything you do flows from it” (Prov 4:23)

When you’ve to come to that point where you realise that as human beings most of the problems we face erupted from within us, the next point of call would be, how do I remove unwanted files.

Well, that isn’t going to be an easy fight. 

Why, because it’s a fight against yourself. That’s the greatest fight everyone gets to face in life.

Oh, how we wish our lives were a computer whereby we could just right click or left click and delete.

Just imagine, if you could just hit the restore the factory settings in your life…

What are the things you’d love to change?

Which are the things you’d love to delete?

What are the files you’d love to keep on your desktop. What favourite picture would you use as screensaver, and which are the ones you’re gonna delete?

Clearly, the reason why things aren’t working maybe because of some garbages in your brain memory & subconscious mind. 

Some old files you still have that aren’t serving you or doing you any good, but harm instead.

These old files may be and negative experience from childhood such as child abuse, or it could be a toxic relationship experience, a death of a loved one, or a limiting belief system generated from information received over time.

Irrelevant old files and data that you probably don’t even know about.

Some of these files even take up to 1Gig, some up to 20Gig plus. 

They’re just there eating up space, and yet you’re complaining you device is freezing or slowing down, and affecting your workflow.

This is relatively the same thing happening in your life right now now. That’s the reason for unproductivity, and failure.

You may say, where do I start from?

This is just a summary of what I do, and it works for me:

  •   Do a mental cleansing = Delete unwanted files from your hard disk. How do you know these files? See next step.
  •   Take out a piece of paper and write down everything in your life that currently smells like unproductivity. E.g Energy draining – friends, activities, habits, thoughts in your mind etc.
  •   On another sheet of paper, also write down the ones bringing positive results in your life, apply the 80/20 rule also known as the Pareto Principle. This will help you filter properly. (If you don’t know what this is, google is close)
  •   Now, after you must have written out these data, your brain would have been exercised a little, in other words activated.  So, it should show you the core things you:
    •           –  Don’t need at the moment, and may be valuable tomorrow
    •           – Don’t need anymore, needs to  get off your system
    •           – You need to focus more on, and give priority in your life.
  • Next step is to take a red biro, and rule out (starting from the most unproductive things, since it’s easier to recognize) them one by one.

When you do this exercise, you may get to some where you may not be sure about, just leave them and move unto the next. Continue doing these until you exhaust your list (both list)

  •   Now, you should be left with some things you didn’t rule out. What you do next is, take another sheet of paper, and write these list down. Try to see if you still have some things in that list that doesn’t really serve you in any way, but rather has a negative impact on your life.
  •   Having done the previous step, what you should have with you is your “priority list”. So what do you do with the old list?

Now, you don’t just go deleting people anyhow or bluffing them without thinking of proper ways to.

This is real life, not some technological invention.

You need to apply wisdom, pray, meditate. Whatever you doing, try to do it in a clear state of mind. Let God guide you

If it’s a bad habit, do your best to replace it with a better one. For it is easier to replace habits that just trying to stop or delete them.

When it’s a mental or emotional trauma, and you don’t have the skills to remove certain destructive neurons pathways, see a psychologist, a psychiatrist or a therapist. Or you can contact me privately. (You don’t have to comment here, since some people like being discrete in matters like these)

If it’s a belief system, try to see a therapist, or the same people mentioned above.

Finally my brethren. Just the way it took you time to learn certain habits, its also going to take time to unlearn and replace them. Things aren’t going to change overnight, it’s going to take some persistence and doggedness. But just know this; you’re one step towards to right direction. (And it counts a ton…)


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