How to Convince Strangers to Trust You Enough to Buy From You

How to Convince Strangers to Trust You Enough to Buy From You

  • Keep your senses tuned in to your client’s emotions
  • Tune-in & turn into the emotion to address it
  • Understand and empathize (with stories)
  • Be super specific with examples, deliverable and benefits
  • Quote statistics and cite the sources
  • Ask questions and anticipate common objections

Tip #1 – Keep your senses tuned in to your client’s emotions

Trust is about attention to the emotions and the ideas that someone is communicating indirectly, in their voice and in their body language.

Tip #2 – Understand and empathize (with stories)

When you’re speaking with someone on the phone in an effort to make a sale, you’re goal should not be to only “make a sale.” That’s a “win-lose” approach because it puts your needs above the client’s.

Instead, think of your conversation as an effort to first tune-in to each other like two radios trying to find the same frequency to communicate over.

Tip #3 – Be super specific with examples, deliverables and benefits

  • What are the specific benefits I get from your service?
  • What’s the plan for implementation?
  • Can you show me similar examples from the past that you’ve worked on?
  • What’s the end result I can expect?
  • What’s produced that I will own at the end of this process, if anything?

Take for example two pitches from a service professional who offers website design services.

  1. “I will design a responsive and professional website that will increase conversions. Turn around time is 14days.” … Or…
  2. “Right now, if I can deliver to you a professional, eye-catching, responsive website for your business with a high conversion rate of 40-60{83756418b3d417f5f7ed21e227bb3c5b5871d926e127ade269554f8bb12bd45e}, that’ll guarantee quick scalability and high profits with business expansion–would you like it? Probably not, but once we’re done planning and designing your website, that’s what you’ll be able to get. You’ll be able to engage your clients, build your list, and remain damn damn professional doing it. It’s just going to cost you $450 and the turnaround time is 14days. You also get my 1 month free support to help you stay updated and help with any technical challenges you may be facing. Order now and retain your slot, because I can only help a limited number of people simultaneously.”

Obviously, that second (hypothetical) example is more clear, hits on the key benefits and a few features and explains the results as well.

Tip #4 – Quote statistics and cite the sources

You know what people–myself included–find difficult to argue with? Numbers and facts that come from credible third party sources.

For example, one of the services I specialize in at AutoGrow is landing page design.

So if I’m talking with a client and they’re deciding between ordering 2 landing pages or 4, I might say this:

“You would actually benefit more from having us implement more landing pages for you than less. This is because, according to the research institute Marketing Sherpa and Hubspot, businesses with 31 to 30 landing pages get 7 times more leads than those with only 1 to 5 landing pages. And businesses with over 40 landing pages get 12 times more leads than those with only 1 to 5 landing pages. So you can see there’s a direct relationship between the number of landing pages you have and the ROI for your business.”

If you want to make a more persuasive pitch for your products or services, don’t expect people to simply “take your word for it.”

Tip #5 – Ask questions and anticipate common objections

It’s common that you’ll hit a “brick wall” when trying to make a sale with a new client — either in conversation or if you’re following up via email auto-responder.

In terms of an email autoresponder, it looks a little different. The strategy there can be to reengage them in a question-based format similar to how you would in an actual conversion. However I recommend taking the proactive approach, which is to take common objections and address each of them:

  • This won’t work for me
  • The price is too high
  • I don’t understand what’s included
  • Who else has this worked for (with examples)
Duke Ngboki
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