You Came To Do!

You Came To Do!

They didn’t ask for your permission before sending you down to this earth. No one consulted you, you just found yourself here in the midst of a billion others who share similar questions like:

– Why are we here?
  – Where did we come from?
  – Why is life so difficult?
  – Why is my family broke

And a pileup of other similar questions we still find it difficult to get answers to.

When there is gross darkness, you’re doomed to fall. For it is only in light we can find our way.

In darkness people are ignorant, for their little knowledge will come to futility.

In darkness, complaints abound.

In darkness error is inevitable

In darkness people struggle

And when it comes to the world we live in today, darkness is made manifest when you find people on celebrities Instagram pages meddling with affairs of their personal lives, which isn’t in anyway their business. You find people giving their “unwelcomed” advise, even when they weren’t asked or invited.

Amebo… This is  the number one reason for unproductivity, poverty, and non-achievements in our society today.

The glaring truth is, those who meddle with the affairs of others unsolicitedly have nothing important doing with their lives, while the victims are busy with their lives, that’s why they’re getting so much smoke.

You only find Hawks around a burning bush with thick smokes, not Eagles.

Picture this scenario. When you go watch a football match, who are those with the loudest noise? Is it the players or the spectators?

We hear the uproar of fans, spectators, and the commentators. If it’s the South African fans, you’ll hear the uproar of vuvuzelas. And its funny because that’s the metaphor they label people who make empty noise all the time.

Hear me  my dear friend, our forefathers had their lifespan which they exhausted, our parents too have theirs which is almost running out, or has run out already. Most of them were not successful, they cried poverty all through, and the worse part is, they weren’t able to figure it out all through their lifetime.

Now, you too are here, and there’s 80% chances that you’ll follow same neuro patterns and end up like your forefathers. Scientific studies have proven that our temperaments are handed down from them. Except and unless you’re touched by the gods, otherwise, blood is thicker than water.

I bet, you haven’t still figured out why you’re here. You just grew up to discover that you’re in a planet called ” earth”. And you’ve got parents, relatives, and probably siblings. You also discovered that people go to school. If you are born in this age of technological advancements, you’ll discover people talking to themselves using one flat thing held to their ears.

Renowned inventor and founder of Apple Inc. the late Steve Jobs, in an interview shared his views on this stereotypical way of living as mentioned in the previous paragraph. He had a firm believe that there was something beyond and better than the norms of the society. And evidently that’s why he succeeded in changing the world in his own way.

You see, until you alter the destructive patterns handed down to you, you may never record any notable achievements. And time isn’t understanding enough to slow down and wait for you even just for a second. 

If you don’t start being a “Doer” but only a vuvuzela, your time would wind up like your forefathers’ and all you’ll be left with as a legacy is failure and regrets.

For not the hearers of the law are just before God, but the doers of the law shall be justified. (Rom 2:13)

Truth is, whether or not you do, others will, and they’ll lord over you.

Be a doer today!

For it is only in doing we get results, not by just wishing and talking.

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Duke Ngboki
Author: Duke Ngboki

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