The Nigerian Internet Marketing Climate/Weather Is Different, Therefore “YOUR FIGHT IS DIFFERENT”

The Nigerian Internet Marketing Climate/Weather Is Different, Therefore “YOUR FIGHT IS DIFFERENT”

In this article I reveal “How you can send 100k+ emails for less than N5500 with great deliverability and single opt-in system”


If you use email marketing in your business, then pay attention to this, you might be saving your online business with this LITTLE but POWERFUL money saving business tips.


What do I mean by your fight is different?

Ans: You get to fight about things other countries easily have access to. Period!!!

Here are just but a few reasons why you may struggle in your online business or probably give up even before you set your foot in as a newbie:

❌ No electricity – spending money on fuel daily.

❌  Poor & High Internet Data Cost – Subscribing for 1 month’s subscription up to 4 times in a month. Pathetic!!!

❌ Weak Currency – which leads to you paying more when paying for services online – e.g email marketing automation

❌ Mediocrity – Simply Technological Ignorance about alternatives to solve your business problems.


The first 3, are just about the major challenges faced with a typical Nigerian based internet marketer or online business.

But the 4th is relative, and is embedded in the preceding 3, depending on your current level of online success. I’ll throw more light on this as you read on.

Now, a very important question??? 


Very important I mean❗️

How do you as an individual scale through these challenges?

I’m curious, I need to learn, we all need help in 9ja.

Here’s how a certain mentee solves this number 1 problem.



Although it’s not 100% effective, but it can sure help your business take baby steps.

This mentee uses a Library to be able to get access to light in order to work on his online business, since he’s just starting out and still low on funds.

He doesn’t depend on electricity like most of us do.


He goes there early enough, as soon as they open, and most of the time he leaves there when they’re about to close, around 6pm.

This reminds me about when I was learning music production in 2007. I had no PC – or even 4th-hand laptop.

See the “yeye” thing I did, that if I hadn’t done it, I would have been living in the land of regrets, and anguishing in the streets of oh-had-I-known.

I’d install the Fruity Loops (music production software) on any laptop or desktop computer I laid my hands on. Later I’ll inform the owner after the deed was done.


Pls don’t laugh – I was hungry to learn. #No-Flimsy-EXCUSES

Funny enough no one crucified me for that. (I’m still amazed why no one yelled at me)



What are you currently doing to solve CHALLENGE Number 1 without breaking your bank account?

Do you have where you go to, in order to enjoy affordable uninterrupted power?

I’d love to know and learn.

When I’m in Abuja, I use a restaurant – challenge here is, police do raid the place from time to time for Yahoo boiz.




There are so many solutions to this. Though I’m not an expert in this area, but here’s what I do, I leverage on weekend data plans. For example;

– Glo has weekend plans that you could subscribe with as little as #500 for 3gig

– Glo has a special simcard called OGA SIM, with lots of amazing Data bonuses. This is fit for new online business owners that can’t afford big-money-data.

Of course, there are other solutions to this. What are you currently doing?



Before I go into this, I’d like to ask this profound question.

Are you currently building a list of customers for your business?

It may interest you to note that

“If you don’t have a list you don’t have a business…”

List (customers) is the bloodline of any business.

A lot of 21st century entrepreneurs depend on Social media only.

But it may interest you to note that… before Facebook there was hi5.


FB may not last forever, so if you’re currently making money via social media (which is great) you should consider building your own list of customers. Should incase FB or twitter shuts down your business can never be affected.

The only way to guarantee this is via email marketing.


The email list is yours and yours only. Not owned by FB, Twitter, IG or LinkedIn.

Start building a list today.

OK, back to our discussion on how to solve problem/challenge number 3.


Which is weak currency which leads to high Autoresponder or e-mail marketing monthly subscription cost.

Weak currency, especially when you have to use your naira card or buy dollar in order to pay for Autoresponder services.

Normally if the naira was still #145 to $1, you’d be spending less when paying for these services. But today, you’re paying around twice the price, simply because you’re a Nigerian.


This reality tend to be hidden especially if you don’t have accounting knowledge, but it’s eating businesses like canker worm.

I won’t be telling you how to solve this problem in it’s entirety, since it’s a very big one, and I’m not a bureau de change expert, but I’ll narrow it down a bit to a problem marketers face within this arena.


Which is Autoresponder.

You can’t SUSTAINABILITY build your online business without an e-mail list. Almost all marketers use Autoresponders to create campaigns, manage, and grow their lists.

Though these services are great, and effective, but the big problem is their high, monthly, recurring fees. As your lists grows they charge you, whilst licking their tongue, with a kind smile.



There are few solutions to this, the smart few who have taken advantage can testify to this.

Solution 2 is my favorite.

Solution 1: Sendy; just like Aweber, GetResponse, MailChimp etc, you can setup campaigns and build your list with this solution. It is cost effective.

You only get to pay a one time payment of $59, then only pay for sending emails later on using SMTPs like Amazon, Sendgrid, Elastic Mail, etc


Sendy is good for cost effectiveness…


Solution 2: Mautic is better!

A lot of sendy users & marketers are switching to Mautic, even when it seems difficult to setup.


Why? you may ask.

Well apart from being a more cost-effective solution for Autoresponders, Mautic contains more powerful email marketing features than other Autoresponder responders.


Marketing guru, Adam Preiser said – “other AR services are really dumb services …all they can do is schedule and send emails.”

So, how do you install Mautic?


Well if you are tech savvy, and got the time, there are videos on YouTube to help you get a headstart.

But if you value your time and you’re locked up with business schedules.



If you’re not tech inclined and would still need to lay your hands on this Comprehensive, WordPress-like Autoresponder tool, then I may be able to help you.

I want to help 3 people this week!


3 Email Marketers who have given up or about to, simply because of Autoresponder challenges.

3 people who are tired of spending ridiculous monthly fees on Autoresponders, that they should be investing in their business for more returns.

If this sounds like you, then fill in the form below and let’s Get Started!

What will I be helping you do?

Well, it’s a difficult task for non-techies, but pretty easy for experienced ones.

I’ll help you:
– Setup your Mautic AR and get it running smoothly
– show you how to use it.

Here’s the form again, to get started right now.

Wish you a blessed week!


PS: The service won’t be completely free, but very affordable, compared to money being sucked by other Autoresponders.

PPS: Did you pick number 4?, well it’s been there all along. It’s the consequences we marketers face for lack of knowledge or quality information.

Duke Ngboki
Author: Duke Ngboki

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